Guest Author Mychael Black – Fantasy Worlds and the Patience of Readers

A long-awaited book came out two days ago. A few years in the making, it’s the second book in a trilogy that began with The Lost Son. My readers—bless them—waited several years for me to get book 2 done, and from the feedback I’ve received, it lived up to expectations. I couldn’t be happier!

Fantasy has always been my first literary love—anyone who knows me knows that. I even have a page on my website listing some of my all-time favorites. Secrets of Socendor (  ) is my first real foray into a completely new fantasy world of my own. It’s populated with elves, humans, dragons, enormous cats, and lithings—hybrids of elf and human origins.

Dragonblade is the second in this series, and it’s one that surprised even me at times. I laughed, I cried, and when I typed THE END, I mourned. Yes, there will be another book, but Dragonblade was a tough one to get through. I hope you all enjoy it as much I loved writing it.



Secrets of Socendor, Book 2

DragonbladeWinning this battle requires a faith stronger than steel…

Legends tell of a dragon-forged weapon so powerful, it possesses the ability to traverse time itself. Knowing the havoc it could wreak, the dragons sealed it deep beneath the mountains.

No one was meant to find it, let alone wield it.

General Kalen Ysindroc, leader of the human king’s armies and the long-lost son of Socendor’s most feared wizard-king of old, is in a race against time. His half brother, Braen, is searching for the sword as a means to return their father from the grave. Kalen must not let that happen. Joined by his elven lover, wizard Micheil Thierauf, he sets out on a journey beneath the mountains to stop Braen from doing the unthinkable.

As secrets come to light that test Kalen’s faith in every way possible, including his trust in the man he’s loved nearly all his life, the right path is as clouded as the murky, dragon-blood-tainted waters of the Ebon Sea. And Kalen is forced to make a decision that could very well be his last.


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The next morning, Micheil found Vanya and Sorien already in the throne room. Vanya seemed a little more at ease, but Micheil had a feeling it was due more to a good night’s sleep than anything else. He joined them, taking his place near the throne.

“We need to secure the borders,” Vanya said. “I don’t know what Lerian managed to work out with the lithings, but the last ones have been driven away. We can’t afford any more incursions.”

“Do we have any word from the general?” Sorien asked.

“Not—” The throne room doors opened, and Vanya glanced up. “This doesn’t bode well.”

Micheil turned, shock holding him momentarily still. Judging by Kalen’s grim expression, Micheil had a feeling the general had pushed his horse hard to reach Seriete so fast. “What’s wrong?”

“Word arrived at the Pass from Andrion. Sherie is missing.”

“What?” Micheil stood. “Do they have any witnesses?”

“No. It’s why we’ve been summoned back to Akuron Heights.”

“Who’s Sherie?” Vanya asked.

“Princess Sherie is the daughter of the human king, Andrion,” Sorien explained. “She’s been obsessed with Micheil for years and has recently come under our scrutiny for arranging a possible contract for Kalen’s death.”

“Is she really that stupid?”

“Enough to trust lithings,” Kalen answered. “Either way, Micheil and I have to return to Akuron Heights, no doubt to lead a search party.”

“Don’t envy you that.”

“It beats leading a whole country.”

Vanya didn’t look particularly amused. “When will you be back?”

“I have no idea.” Kalen sighed. “I have a bad feeling about the whole thing.”

“Better you than me.” Vanya stood, Sorien’s hand still clasped in hers. “Come on, Sorien. Let’s get this coronation stuff over with. I have new archers to train.”

She led Sorien out of the room, leaving Micheil and Kalen alone. Micheil chuckled when he noticed Kalen staring after them.

“Don’t ask. Suffice it to say, I have the feeling heirs won’t be an issue.”

Kalen shook his head. “Him? I knew. But her?”

“Sorien has his own brand of charm. I’ve seen him work others with it many times, but never as openly as this.”

“He must have taken lessons from you, then.” Kalen turned to Micheil, pulling him close. Emerald eyes held Micheil spellbound. “The ride from the Pass wasn’t quite the same without you in front of me.”

Micheil shivered. He distinctly remembered the one time they’d made the trek on his horse—together. Despite the troubles looming, he felt himself growing hard at the memory. Kalen’s fingers threaded through Micheil’s long golden hair, and Micheil let the general pull his head back for a kiss. Kalen smelled like the dust of the road, like leather and metal and male all wrapped into one muscular, chain-mail-bound package.

“You must have run the poor horse ragged,” Micheil muttered between kisses.

Kalen smiled against Micheil’s mouth. “I had good reason.”

“Do we have to leave right now?”

Kalen tipped Micheil’s head farther, lips blazing a trail along the arch of Micheil’s throat. “No.” A nip followed, then Kalen drew back. “I need food, bed and you.”

“Not in that order, I hope.”

“Feasting on you is my top priority, sorcerer. It’s been a week since I’ve touched you.”



What do online gaming, Spongebob, cooking, writing, and an unnatural addiction to Mountain Dew all have in common?

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Born in north Alabama, Mychael now resides on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Having run the gamut of labels in regard to gender and sexuality, Mychael now shuns society’s views on normality and embraces a poly-everything attitude. Call Mychael her or him—it doesn’t matter. Just keep reading the books.