Welcome Guest Author RJ Scott!

THEVAMPIRECONTRACT_400x600I asked fans what they would like to ask authors if they had the chance and the question that struck me as one I wanted to answer was the following:

What made you decide to start writing? What was your personal “kick-off”?

I have always loved reading. To the point of obsession. Then without even realizing it I realized I LOVED Bromance in a show… two lead male characters would die for each other, always had each other’s backs and so on… So this is how writing professionally started for RJ Scott.

1. I always love bromances. My first ever bromance was in the animation Battle Of The Planets pairing Jason and Mark in my head (as hero’s, not as lovers  – I was only eight or so!)

2. Take it up to 2007 or so and I saw an advert on ITV2 (A TV station in England) advertising this ghost hunting paranormal type show coming soon, with the tag line *Scary Got Sexy*. One look at the actors and I was like *I am watching that*.

3. I mainlined Supernatural Season 1 and 2 in one go and then I had to WAIT for season 3…. What was I going to do…?

4. I love to read, so I found writers who wrote in the Supernatural sandbox and created whole new stories with the characters I loved. I found a site called Sinful Desire which featured stories with the characters.
I clicked on the wrong button.
Really, that is what I did.

5. Instead of Sam and Dean I selected Jared as one of the characters and suddenly I found all this stuff where people wrote stories around the real people Jared and Jensen; they called it RPF (Real Person Fiction).

6. THEN… I thought… what is this J2 thing? So I clicked there. :O

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