Guest Post – Shaken Up by Nicole Forcine

So, the upside of having a BDSM-themed book come out two weeks after the 50 Shades of Grey movie release is that kinky stuff is on people’s minds.

The downside of having a BDSM-themed book come out two weeks after the 50SoG movie release is that I feel the need to say things like:

“I’ve written a kinky book. No, it’s nothing like 50SoG.”

“No, I actually know how to write consensual kink.”

“Why are you backing away, I promise it’s nothing like that.”

It’s not a terrible problem to have, but the urge to slap myself on the back until I sprain something for writing a kinky story that wouldn’t send the entire community into convulsions is very strong.

It makes me wonder, though.  Why am I slapping myself on the back? Shouldn’t this be obvious? Safe, sane, consensual should be the standard, and for a lot of stories in the M/M genre, it’s true.  It’s more the rule than the exception.  It’s so obvious that when I sat down to write Shaken Up nearly two years ago, I wanted to take a new tactic – moving on after meeting an abusive Dom. An “I’m always right” Dom. An “I don’t make mistakes” Dom.

I wanted Tim, the main character, to not only have mostly recovered but to have thrived.  Not to write off the entire scene, but enjoy himself on his own terms.  If Jae hadn’t walked into his life, I wanted to make it that Tim would have been just fine, now that he’d found his peace.  The scars, physical and emotional, would always be there, but he’s living with it – without a hero Dom stepping in to fix everything.

Which made Jae have to watch himself, to earn the privilege of having Tim in his life. I like the idea of the Dom having to work for it.  I think I makes for an interesting take on the “Sub meets Dom” story, and I hope you feel the same.

At the very least, I don’t feel the need to ask why others are backing away.



Title: Shaken Up
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
ISBN: 9781632164995 [ebook]
Length: 74 Pages
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
Release Date: Feb 25th, 2015

2015About the book

Tim Myers is the flamboyant and overly fastidious owner of the adult shop Little Earthquakes. In his spare time, he moonlights as a sub for his friend’s BDSM classes, and while he’d love to find a Dom to cater to his domestic servitude kink, he’s wary of exposing his body and his heart. When Jae Seong comes into Tim’s shop and asks him for help with a wax play demo, Tim is turned off by the idea. Jae is nothing if not persistent, though. He’s a skilled Dom and soon finds out why Tim is so protective of his body, his neck, and his heart. Over a series of play dates, the two grow close, and it dawns on Tim that he might be looking at a match made for collaring.

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2015About the author

Nicole Forcine was born a strange child and former Georgia peach. When she was younger, she was never far from a composition book, a pen in hand, and way too many people in her head (she’s even been known to talk back to them). When two or more of them talk loud enough to overshadow the rest, a story is born. After years of writing and storing her tales in those books, she had a revelation: man, there are a lot of dudes kissing in these stories.

Her stories include themes of creating families of choice, how love can come in all forms and supersede all boundaries, and the joys and sorrows of earning a happily-ever-after.

Currently, she resides in Minneapolis with one of the most laid-back men in history and his even more laid-back cat. When she’s not writing (ha!), she’s saving the world/galaxy/humanity as we know it in the world of video games and general geekiness.