Guest Post & Giveaway – Broken Mercies by Lucy Marker

Hello! I’m Lucy Marker, author of Broken Mercies. Many thanks to Charlie Cochet for hosting me on her Purple Rose Teahouse blog and for her gracious advice as she helped this newbie along the promotional learning curve.

Broken Mercies

Title: Broken Mercies
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-63216-215-1
Length: Novel | 200 pages
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Release Date: November 24th, 2014


Musician Daniel Gilchrist has decided he’s broken.

He doesn’t deserve Jeremy Evans, a sensible, sweet artist who insists they belong together. Bad choices after a hellish childhood make Dan more suited to guys like his ex-lover, a toxic mega-star who wants to resume their affair.

But Jeremy is irresistible, and he’s survived a few nightmares of his own. He challenges Dan to get rid of the false shame imposed by his mentally ill mother. Her twisted zealotry had influenced his choices, and it’s time to stop blaming himself for inadequately protecting his little sisters from her cruelty.

While Dan wrestles with old guilt, his former lover persuades him to collaborate on a song that protests religious bigotry. Dan grows suspicious of the star’s odd behavior, and then law enforcement shows up.

That clinches it—Dan really isn’t good enough for Jeremy. Somehow he’s managed to drag the poor guy into danger.

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DAN GILCHRIST slid lower in the leprechaun-sized folding chair. The battered metal screeched in protest, freezing his six-foot frame midslouch.

Well, fuck. Why didn’t he just holler, “Look at me, everyone!”

The therapist looked at him. “You wanna talk now, Dan?”

“Absolutely not.”

Everyone chuckled. Ya, he was hilarious.

Carl shifted in the chair beside him, earning an even louder metallic objection. The former linebacker always placed himself next to the mope who most desperately wanted to remain unnoticed, and evidently Dan was the lucky winner of today’s therapeutic torture.

“I’ll speak.” The guy on the other side of Carl’s girth was hidden from view, but his soft, masculine voice ruffled down Dan’s spine. “I want to get my first time over with fast.”

Another group chuckle.

Dan didn’t want to call attention to himself by leaning forward to look at the new guy. Instead he crossed a foot over the opposite knee and sat back to enjoy the velvety voice. “My name’s Jeremy, and I’m here because I had one slip after years of sobriety.” With zero self-pity, the guy went on to describe an abusive mother and a high school descent into addiction. His tale, too much like Dan’s, was less riveting than his tenor voice, enriched with deeper undertones.

Notes of melodic accompaniment began to sift through Dan’s mind, and his fingers twitched over invisible guitar chords.

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Dan escapes from harsh reality into music. I’ve always escaped into books. I read all kinds of genres, but sometimes only fantasy is strong enough to take me out of the ugliness in the world. Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series is a great example. She gives us heroes with superpowers who win against the bad guys.  Somehow we win along with them.

Comedies are another reliable break from reality. In Broken Mercies, Dan shares my appreciation of Bugs Bunny’s insouciance and the simple brilliance of “Young Frankenstein.”


I’m sure you readers must have a favorite method of distraction, whether it’s books, comedies or even wall climbing. I’d love to know which comedies or books you consider to be staples to get through the daily grind. Please comment below, and one of you will win a free copy of Broken Mercies. I’ll check back by December 2nd to determine the winner.

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2015About the author

Lucy Marker learned very young that stories hold great power. Whether written on a page or created in her mind, a story could be trusted to carry her into a different world. In the midst of a large, chaotic family, she grew up worshiping books.

The uncertain health of several relatives gave Lucy strong empathy for the mentally ill and those who care for them. Naturally, Lucy’s life experiences have colored her writing. She is inspired by the uncommon courage of ordinary men and women who survive trauma, face down their issues and dare to love.

Lucy Marker has been writing romance, women’s fiction, and gay romance for many years. She’s a member of several writing organizations and has won top placement in the Silicon Valley Romance Writers of America’s “Gotcha!” contest. She is thrilled to reside quietly in the San Francisco Bay Area and write full time.



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