B. Snow – Chats on Pre-Releases, the Writing Process, Hobbies, and Swag Ideas.

Hi, all, Charlie has graciously allowed me to guest blog today!

When I asked her what might be good to chat about, she gave me a whole list of topics (because she’s awesome), so I decided to let my short attention span run free like the wind, and will be blathering about:


writing process


swag/craft ideas

And to make the post more interesting, I’m going to randomly insert pictures of our cat.

Pre-releases: not even at the pre-release stage yet. I will have two stories in upcoming anthologies, but I’m not sure what the titles will be yet.

One anthology has the theme of bedtime stories and will probably have that as the title. It will be published by Wilde City Press. My story for that anthology is currently titled “Miles To Go” and is about Joe, his wife, Marty, and their young son, Ethan. Other than having bouts of insomnia, Joe is perfectly content with his life until Marty gets the completely insane idea that he’s gay and moves out. Joe will do anything to keep his family together, including agreeing to Marty’s condition of going out on seven dates with men to see if anything “sparks”. To facilitate these dates, Marty hires a babysitter, Danny, who is smart, responsible, and great with Ethan, but just a little too good-looking and flirtatious for Joe’s comfort. But that would really only be a problem if Joe were gay, right?

The second story is a fundraiser anthology from Less Than Three Press for Project Fierce Chicago, a charity that plans to provide transitional housing to homeless LGBT youth. As you may know, even though LGBT people are at most 10% of the population, LGBT kids make up 40% of homeless youth. Since I’m lucky enough to never have even come close to being homeless, I wrote “Hearth and Home” as a sort of fairytale. It’s also my only F/F story – that just worked better for my idea, plus it’s not just boys that get kicked out of their homes for liking someone of the same gender.

Natasha’s stepmother piles work on her at home, but it’s not bad enough for Natasha to consider marrying a man she doesn’t love, even if he is a prince. When she gets thrown out of the house for confessing that she likes girls, she ends up in the city without a copper in her pocket. She eventually finds a hearth to sleep on and wins people over with her heart and intelligence. She’s smart enough to know that Amelia, a lady-in-waiting she met at the ball, is too far out of reach for a poor girl to even dream about. And yet she can’t stop dreaming about her.

So, that’s pre-releases. My process as a writer? Write a little, slowly, then complain about it a lot. No, actually, I think I need to go back to what I used to when I first started: write out the parts that wrote themselves in my head, even if it’s the most major pain in the ass afterwards to string them all together and by that point in the writing, the story has changed so some of those scenes don’t even work anymore. But it would probably still be faster than trying to write chronologically and getting stuck.

What would also help is the weather warming up, so the cat won’t need to sit on my lap and lie across my arm as I’m trying to type.

pic 1 for Charlie's blog-cat across armI can’t be mad at her, though; it’s the first winter since we lost our other cat, and while she didn’t like him much, she did like his warmth.

pic 2 for Charlie's blog - cats getting along

(The cats getting along because winter)

pic 3 for Charlie's blog - cat helping me write

(The cat “helping” me write)

Hobbies! I’m throwing this one out to you all. How do you read and write and watch TV shows and movies and knit and get it all done? I seem to be able to do only one thing at a time, unless it’s a knitting project that’s JUST knit stitches. I can watch or read if it’s just knit stitches, because I don’t have to look or count. So how do you all divide up your time? Schedules? Timer? Color-coded charts like Hermione made for schoolwork?

And a question: do any of you like to read short stories? I have two WIP short stories in various stages of completion. Should I try to get them published? I mean, is there an audience for them? I could put “Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece” (yes, that’s the real title) up as a free read if I had a few more things out for people to actually buy. Currently, all I have out are these:

What I Learned From My Roommate in Alyson Books’ Dorm Porn 2


From A Simmer To A Burn in Dreamspinner Press’ Cross Bones

Crossbones cover

and my only standalone book so far, also from Dreamspinner Press, A Cunning Plan


Really, I don’t know what I was thinking with that one. it’s a Regency with just enough paranormal to piss off historical purists but not enough paranormal for paranormal fans.

Ooh, and swag ideas. I thought about making quilted tote bags as swag for my novella A Cunning Plan, even though I don’t know how to quilt. If you choose prizes for a giveaway, would it be a quilted tote bag, a pair of hand-knitted wristwarmers, or an e-copy of a book? 

Charlie, thanks again for letting me ramble. Time to go get some tea!