Guest Author – Kim Fielding: 11 Things you should know about Bone Dry.

Hi! Kim Fielding here. I have a cargo container full of new releases out this month–okay, I have five. But that’s a lot. One of them is Bone Dry, the third book in the Bones series. (You don’t need to read the first two to enjoy this one, so feel free to jump on in.) In the spirit of Buzzfeed, my procrastination vehicle of choice, here are 11 things you should know about Bone Dry.

1. While this book focuses on Ery Phillips, our sexy friends Chris and Dylan also play important roles.


2. Travis and Drew from Speechless and The Gig also make a cameo appearance.


3. The farm in this series is based loosely on a real one in Oregon. It’s owned by my brother and sister-in-law. As far as I know, their farm contains no supernatural creatures–just a lot of ducks and chickens and geese. And frequent beaver and otter visitors.


4. Nixes are a kind of water spirit. They’re also called nocks. Nock is Chris’s last name. I did not do this on purpose, but it sure did work out well.


5. The story mentions this painting by Ernst Josephson.


Ernst Josephson, Näcken [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Chris and Dylan visit Paris and stay in Le Marais. Among other things, that neighborhood contains a boulangerie called LeGay Choc, where one can purchase interesting (and tasty!) baked goods.


7. Ery drives a yellow Mini Cooper with black bonnet stripes. Her name is Bea. I drive a red Mini named Mick. My car has a skull and crossbones on the roof.


8. Ery’s grandmother lives in Ladd’s Addition, a lovely but slightly confusing neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.


9. This book contains a dream unicorn. Did you know that the unicorn is Scotland’s national animal?


10. I invented a new cuisine for this novel: Polish/Pacific Northwest fusion. This could be the new big thing.


“Wigilijne sniadanie”. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

11. Bone Dry is my 11th novel.


To celebrate her releases, Kim is giving things away!

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BoneDry_postcard_front_DSPBone Dry is available from Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, ARe, and other major booksellers.

Ery Phillips’s muse is MIA. He’s pretty sure his job as a graphic designer is to blame, because let’s face it, what kind of muse wants to draw grocery store logos and catheterized penises?

When Ery’s friends Dylan and Chris head off on a European vacation, Ery jumps at the chance to stay on their farm, hoping a stint in the country will encourage his muse to reappear. To be sure, the farm has attracted a few oddities—Dylan is a werewolf and the place was recently haunted—but Ery isn’t canceling his plans just because his friends warn him that there’s something strange going on in their pond. What he doesn’t expect is Karl, a beautiful naked man who appears at the water’s edge.

With Karl as his inspiration, Ery creates amazing paintings and begins to achieve the success he had previously only dreamed of. But Karl comes with certain challenges, causing Ery to question his own goals. Creating the life of his dreams with an unusual beloved may be more challenge than Ery can handle.

Kim Fielding’s other new releases are:

STRANDED-Final Cover“Standby” in the Stranded anthology–available now





Coverartdraft2_BruteBrute–French translation–available now





Bones_Cover6The “The Dance” in Bones anthology (gothika vol. 2)–preorder now, releases Oct. 27

Four novellas, all with voodoo themes




festivus2The Festivus Miracle“–preorder now, releases Nov.1

All proceeds from this story go to Doctors Without Borders.




You can find more information about all Kim’s books–and some free stories–on her website:

You can also follow her on Twitter @KFieldingWrites and Facebook at



Lex Chase – Americana Fairy Tale Blog Tour and Giveaway


Hello everyone! I’m Lex Chase and Charlie Cochet has been kind enough have me here on the Purple Rose Tea House for Americana Fairy Tale Blog Tour!

Americana Fairy Tale is the story of a modern day fairy-tale princess guy who is a total fuckup of a human being, hooks up with a dirty, nasty Creole huntsman out of New Orleans, and they go on a road trip quest to defeat the witch. And there’s the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. I am just sayin’.

One of the things that was a definite to do on my list was getting the visuals right for the series. With the cast, I had seen Taylor in my head as a blue-eyed blond. Actually, I had Sevon stuck in my head from Chasing Sunrise. Who is indeed a blue-eyed blond. As seen here:

Chasing Sunrise400x600
But Taylor wasn’t as effeminate as Sevon. (Let’s be serious. There probably isn’t nothing as effeminate as Sevon.) Taylor is cute and pretty in that scruffy boyish way. He’s a little rough around the edges, a professional slacker, lives on Red Bull and honeybuns, and I describe him as being somewhat feral. Also Taylor isn’t blond.

This is my ideal Taylor male model Daniel Tighe.

And you’re welcome.Taylor_Daniel_Tighe


For Corentin, there’s a little bit of a twist to him. His picture on his driver’s license and who we see. It it elaborated upon from the get go.

First, the lovely specimen on his driver’s license: Bobak Ferdowsi aka Mowhawk Guy from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Now fair internet, you are the most welcome you have ever been. This dude put the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Brainy and omg hawt.Bobak_2

Bobak_3However, the guy that Taylor meets is this lovely fellow who fluctuates from looking pretty hot to dirty psychopath. Soooo not that far off the mark for Corentin.

Here we have Henry Ian Cusick aka Desmond Hume in Lost.


Not making up the psychopath thing: Desmond-in-Further-Instructions

And then we have Taylor’s beloved brother, Atticus Hatfield. I wanted Atticus and Taylor to look like they were related and semi-close in age. Atticus is two years younger than Taylor.

I took this. Yes. This.Snow-White

And came up with this, actor Gaspard Ulliel.


Charles on the other hand, for [REDACTED] is an unusual surprise:

O HAI Chris Evans! oh yeah that actor guy in those Marvel movies. Like NBD.

Uh, yeah. No wonder Atticus was um… distracted.


Because I covered everyone. Here’s Prince Phillipa Margarite Montclair. Pretentious Name is Pretentious! But Phillipa. Sweet Phillipa. She get’s a bad rap. I’m hoping to get into the extent of her curse in book two and three, but it is amazingly shitty.

I give you actress/singer/Disney Starlet Ashley Tisdale. She has that perfect stuck up sorority girl look. Sorority girl with a big case o’ knives.


And oh yeah. It’s making you crazy, isn’t it? Ringo and Honeysuckle. What do they look like…. well….

Ringo is about the size of a housecat with a marshmallow body. And he looks like actor Jeff Bridges during his time on the Big Lebowski.

And it is amazing.

big_lebowskiJust visualize the big pink butterfly wings. That’s him on he cover as the butterfly. Oh. Yes.

For Honeysuckle, I needed an extra sturdy woman to keep her husband on the right path. Total battle axe type. None other than the Golden Girl to end all Golden Girls. Well, save Betty White. Yes Bea Arthur specifically her time on Maude. Just picture her with shimmery dragonfly wings and a sparkly dress with a star-tipped wand.


So what do you think of my casting choices? Who did you picture instead? Let me know in the comments down below! 😀

AmericanaFairyTaleFSGenre: Urban Fantasy Fairy Tale
Series: Fairy Tales of the Open Road
Length: Novel
Published: September 12, 2014
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy: Paperback or eBook


Modern fairy-tale princess Taylor Hatfield has problems. One: he’s a guy. Two: his perfect brother Atticus is the reincarnation of Snow White. Three: Taylor has no idea which princess he is supposed to be. Four: Taylor just left his prince (a girl) at the altar. Despite his enchanted lineage, Taylor is desperate to find his Happily Ever After away from magic, witches, and stuffy traditions. Regrettably, destiny has other plans for him. Dammit.

When word reaches Taylor that Idi the Witchking has captured Atticus, Taylor is determined to save his brother. He enlists the help of rakish and insufferable Corentin Devereaux, likewise of enchanted lineage. A malicious spell sends Taylor and Corentin on a road trip through the kitschy nostalgia of roadside Americana. To save Atticus, they must solve the puzzles put forth by Idi the Witchking. As they struggle, Taylor and Corentin’s volatile partnership sparks a flash of something more. But princesses have many enemies, and Taylor must keep his wits about him because there’s nothing worse than losing your heart… or your head.

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About the Author:

Lex Chase once heard Stephen King say in a commercial, “We’re all going to die, I’m just trying to make it a little more interesting.” She knew then she wanted to make the world a little more interesting.

Weaving tales of cinematic, sweeping adventure, epic love—and depending on how she feels that day—Lex sprinkles in high-speed chases, shower scenes, and more explosions than a Hollywood blockbuster. She loves tales of men who kiss as much as they kick ass. She believes if you’re going to going to march into the depths of hell, it better be beside the one you love.

Lex is a pop culture diva and her DVR is constantly backlogged. She wouldn’t last five minutes without technology in the event of the apocalypse and has nightmares about refusing to leave her cats behind. She is incredibly sentimental, to the point that she gets choked up at holiday commercials. But like the lovers driven to extreme measures to get home for the holidays, Lex believes everyone deserves a happy ending.

Lex also has a knack for sarcasm, never takes herself seriously, and has been nicknamed “The Next Alan Moore” by her friends for all the pain and suffering she inflicts on her characters. She is a Damned Yankee hailing from the frozen backwoods of Maine residing in the ’burbs of Northwest Florida where it could be 80F and she’d be a popsicle.

She is grateful and humbled for all the readers. She knows very well she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and welcomes feedback.

You can find her on those social media things at:

Find her blog at or drop her an e-mail at

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Penny Hudson – Winter’s Risk

Thank you for having me over in your lovely Tea Room! Personally, I drink tea by the gallon so this place appeals to me on a spiritual level. 😀

Spring has definitely sprung. Look at all those flowers! Fall is my favorite time of year to go hiking, but springtime runs a close second. For a short while in the spring before the annual drought sets in, everything is green and overgrown. The trail could go anywhere, and every year I see things I’ve never seen before, like this weird little shrub.

I have no idea what these are, but the bees love them.

Lizards do not care about random people and cameras… until they lean down for a close-up. Then they vanish! Magical disappearing abilities? They haz it.

I think it’s centipede season, we saw nine million of them, which makes approximately 857 trillion little crawly legs!

I like to practice my airbending via bouldering. The constant thrill of will-I-make-it-or-will-I-die gets my adrenaline flowing like nothing else. My friend decided to climb down and go the easier route. Me? I’m boulder-hopping my way across. Why? Because why not? (She thinks I’m banana-pants btw)

You’ll never know exactly what will happen when you go out into the wilderness. I never go out alone in case today is the day I fall and have to be airlifted out- like Martin in my book. When I set out to write Winter’s Risk, I wanted to tell a story about a beautiful wilderness area. People visit for a day of hiking or maybe a weekend of camping, but the animals live there full time. The casual interaction between a careless person doing something idiotic to create a good photo–for example, feeding bears–can have fatal consequences for future visitors.

Not to mention it won’t do the bear any good in the long run either. The book I wrote is different from the happy, fluffy-bunny story I meant to write (although it does have a happy ending) because nature isn’t a fluffy-bunny. The circle of life isn’t just a joke, it’s a way of life for animals. So I wrote about the tragic state of affairs when a bear associates people with food, and a park ranger discovers the environmentalist he loathes more than anything is the bear’s next victim.


Veteran park ranger Alexander Doyle is tracking a nuisance bear when he runs across obnoxious environmentalist Martin Ramirez. He and Martin have clashed before, when Martin and the protesters under his leadership ended a plan to expand the network of paved trails and improve accessibility. Given a choice, Alex would rather face the bear.

When the dangerous grizzly attacks them and Martin is gravely wounded, his only chance of survival is Alex’s determination to keep him alive through the night. But they’re stranded miles from any hope of rescue with the year’s first snowstorm coming in fast.


Excerpt: The excerpt is the moment when Alex is distracted from the bear’s trail by a hiker, Martin Ramirez, who just happens to be at least three spaces on his top ten list of people he could happily do without.

Alex’s lip lifted in a sneer. Fancy finding him all the way out here. For a moment he forgot he was trailing a bear that had already killed two people. He called out to the other man.

“It’s a little out of the way for a protest, don’t you think?”

He was gratified to see Martin jolt and drop his expensive camera. Pity he had a strap around his neck, and it didn’t plunge all the way to the bottom.

“What the hell?” Martin spun around and snapped right back, recognizing him immediately. “Doyle, it’s a free country. I can hike and take pictures if I want to.” He sounded rather petulant for a man pushing fifty, but he still acted like it was the 60s. Go flower power and all that crap.

Alex rubbed his shoulders against the tree, idly scratching his back. “I’m not after you, you big twat. Have you seen a grizzly? Two yellow tags?” He didn’t expect Martin to do something as civilized as help him, and he wasn’t disappointed.

Martin paused, considered his answer, and then jutted his chin out and glared. Alex had two decades of experience dealing with tourists, summertime volunteers, cheating boyfriends, and random idiots. Like the idiot standing in front of him. He knew he was about to hear a lie even before Martin answered like sugar wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“No sir, Mr. Ranger, sir,” he said sweetly. “I haven’t seen anything bigger than a bird all day. Can I assist you further, Mr. Ranger, sir?”

“Don’t fuck with me,” Alex snarled, and walked to meet him on the edge. He could still see the girl’s mangled body if he closed his eyes. He jabbed a finger toward Martin’s chest, disgusted that he had ever bothered to ogle him from the treeline. It just wasn’t fair that someone so useless could have such a nice ass. Martin looked down at his finger and raised one perfect eyebrow.


“I don’t have time for your bleeding heart—”

The sharp crack of a stick breaking in the forest interrupted him.

“Shut up,” Alex growled, even though Martin wasn’t talking at that moment. He wheeled around to face the woods, rifle ready.

“Just shut up. It’s here.”


Winter’s Risk is available from
Dreamspinner Press and Amazon.

Giveaway: To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Winter’s Risk to a randomly selected commenter once the tour ends. To enter, just comment on this post. The giveaway is open until July 21st.


A complete listing of blogs on the tour is available at my blog.

I hang out on twitter @AnyPennyH and chatter about beer and movies as often as books and hiking. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.