Welcome Guest Blogger: Tinnean

I don’t know why it is, but it seems I get some of my best ideas just as I’ve gotten into bed and my head hits the pillow. And I know… I know… that these ideas are so brilliant that there’s no way I could forget them.

Of course come the morning they’re long gone.

This happened so often that it became beyond frustrating. So, what to do? I hied me to the local Walgreens and picked up a “Fat Book” on sale.

That first one rested on my night table, along with a pen, and before long, it was filled with notes of all sorts, for Bless Us With Content, the first novel Dreamspinner published for me, as well as for fanfic, which I was still writing at that point. And of course there were snippets of dialogue.   “You’re not very tall,” she said. “That’s not why they call me ‘Big,’” he replied.

That book was eventually replaced with book 2, and then book 3, and then… well, you get the idea.

There are times when I’ve left myself cryptic notes: Actions speak louder than words—it would be nice if I could remember what I’d been thinking the night before. But at least that was legible. I tend to jot these things down with the lights off and my eyes closed (in hopes I’ll be able to get back to sleep), and in the morning I’ll swear and kick things, trying to figure out what the heck those chicken scratches represented.

But it’s all worth it. In the sequel I have planned for my latest novella, Call Me Church,  we learn that John Smith used to trade blowjobs for the opportunity to get warm and dry in various Broadway theaters. He couldn’t do this for Chetwood’s Kitty—there was a woman at the box office and a straight man at the stage door. It occurred to me at 11:15 p.m. that I had no clue which theater that would be (necessary, since it will be brought up in the sequel, which is as yet unnamed. Johnny and Church in the Search for the Treasure of the Hidden Temple?) so I made a note for myself to look it up.

And in the morning I could actually read what I had written!

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