Guest Author – Kim Fielding: 11 Things you should know about Bone Dry.

Hi! Kim Fielding here. I have a cargo container full of new releases out this month–okay, I have five. But that’s a lot. One of them is Bone Dry, the third book in the Bones series. (You don’t need to read the first two to enjoy this one, so feel free to jump on in.) In the spirit of Buzzfeed, my procrastination vehicle of choice, here are 11 things you should know about Bone Dry.

1. While this book focuses on Ery Phillips, our sexy friends Chris and Dylan also play important roles.


2. Travis and Drew from Speechless and The Gig also make a cameo appearance.


3. The farm in this series is based loosely on a real one in Oregon. It’s owned by my brother and sister-in-law. As far as I know, their farm contains no supernatural creatures–just a lot of ducks and chickens and geese. And frequent beaver and otter visitors.


4. Nixes are a kind of water spirit. They’re also called nocks. Nock is Chris’s last name. I did not do this on purpose, but it sure did work out well.


5. The story mentions this painting by Ernst Josephson.


Ernst Josephson, Näcken [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Chris and Dylan visit Paris and stay in Le Marais. Among other things, that neighborhood contains a boulangerie called LeGay Choc, where one can purchase interesting (and tasty!) baked goods.


7. Ery drives a yellow Mini Cooper with black bonnet stripes. Her name is Bea. I drive a red Mini named Mick. My car has a skull and crossbones on the roof.


8. Ery’s grandmother lives in Ladd’s Addition, a lovely but slightly confusing neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.


9. This book contains a dream unicorn. Did you know that the unicorn is Scotland’s national animal?


10. I invented a new cuisine for this novel: Polish/Pacific Northwest fusion. This could be the new big thing.


“Wigilijne sniadanie”. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

11. Bone Dry is my 11th novel.


To celebrate her releases, Kim is giving things away!

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BoneDry_postcard_front_DSPBone Dry is available from Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, ARe, and other major booksellers.

Ery Phillips’s muse is MIA. He’s pretty sure his job as a graphic designer is to blame, because let’s face it, what kind of muse wants to draw grocery store logos and catheterized penises?

When Ery’s friends Dylan and Chris head off on a European vacation, Ery jumps at the chance to stay on their farm, hoping a stint in the country will encourage his muse to reappear. To be sure, the farm has attracted a few oddities—Dylan is a werewolf and the place was recently haunted—but Ery isn’t canceling his plans just because his friends warn him that there’s something strange going on in their pond. What he doesn’t expect is Karl, a beautiful naked man who appears at the water’s edge.

With Karl as his inspiration, Ery creates amazing paintings and begins to achieve the success he had previously only dreamed of. But Karl comes with certain challenges, causing Ery to question his own goals. Creating the life of his dreams with an unusual beloved may be more challenge than Ery can handle.

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