He Drives Me Crazy (and I Love It). One Thing Leads by Jude Dunn explores what happens when opposites collide in love.


One Thing Leads by Jude Dunn


Ever been in an oil-and-water relationship? You know, someone so unlike you that “Mars and Venus” can’t begin to describe the distance between your personalities? That’s Dion and Kenji, the lead characters in One Thing Leads. They love each other, but they fight like mongooses and snakes (“cats and dogs” is so twentieth century). Even their sexual preferences are far apart, and that makes for some explosive bedroom and on-the-carpet scenes in One Thing Leads. No wonder Grayson Sinclair, an oversexed playboy with designs on Dion, has little problem splitting them up.

Does your partner or love interest drive you crazy? I’d actually like to know what you do about that. Contact me here if you’d like to share.

Below you’ll find a synopsis, a short bio of yours truly, and the requisite excerpt, freebies, and “buy me!” linkage. Click and enjoy. It might just drive you crazy with delight.



What makes a young man go further than he ever thought he would?

Dion Bellamy is twenty-seven and studying social work at the University of Chicago. He has lived with Kenji Okamura, a construction worker, for a year and a half. Dion loves Kenji and passionately hopes Kenji feels the same, but he has never said the three big words. Then Grayson Sinclair, Dion’s schoolmate and a vivacious, oversexed playboy, comes between them.

One step at a time, barely aware where his steps are leading, Dion descends the slippery slope into a life of depravity. First, Grayson ensures Kenji is out of the way. Then he entices Dion to go clubbing with him, gets Dion drunk and high, and then takes him to a sex club, where he films Dion giving blow jobs to multiple men. He threatens to put the video online unless Dion signs a contract to work as a prostitute. Though he hardly understands how he reached this point, Dion must now figure out how to escape his fate and save himself.


About Jude

I’m a southern boy who lives in Chicago and enjoys fine wine, dark chocolate, and plays jazz piano from time to time. Most of all, I love writing gay romance and erotica that will touch your heart and make you laugh.



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  1. Thank you so much for being a guest, Jude! Sounds like a fascinating read!

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