Spotlight and Giveaway – Temptations of Desire by Tempeste O’Riley

Can Dal prove to the beautiful and handsome Lexie that he sees Lexie for who he is and that his gender is perfect as is?

Temptations of Desire by Tempeste O'RileyTemptations of Desire

by Tempeste O’Riley
Desires Entwined, #3
M/M Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Release Date: September 22, 2014 (ebook/print)
Length: Novel / 200 pages 


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Alexander James Noble is a gender fluid gay man who gave up on finding Mister Right a long time ago. He’s not asking for much, though. He just wants a guy who loves all of him and appreciates his feminine form too.

At the local LGBTQ center where Alex regularly volunteers, he meets Dal Sayer, an officer of the Milwaukee PD. Because he’s been rejected one too many times, Alex doesn’t trust the huge cop and the interest he shows in him, but once Dal sets his mind on something, he goes all out. Pushing aside his preconceived notions, Alex opens up just a little and soon caves.

From their first date—while dealing with his father’s failing health and his parents’ demands for him to settle down and have children—Dal never takes his eyes off his goal of making Alex his. But proving to Alex he isn’t like all the men who couldn’t see him for who he truly was and only wanted to hide him away is harder than he thought.

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“I found it a beautiful tale of unhappiness changed to romance and then love with a happy ending.”

—Rainbow Book Reviews, on “Designs of Desire”

Designs of Desire is a tough realistic book that is touched by violence countered by the growing love between the two heroes.”

—Sensual Reads, on “Designs of Desire”

“It’s a great book to fall into and enjoy some really good characters.”

—Love Bytes, on “Desires’ Guardian”

“This is my favorite in this series so far. I love seeing how these characters are growing, all of them. As individuals, as couples, as friends, and as a family.”

—MM Good Book Reviews, on “Desires’ Guardian”

“The writer did an excellent job with the characters, they are likable and perfect. Not perfect in the way that they have no flaws, but in a way that they grab you and complement each other.”

—Love Bytes Reviews, on “Temptations of Desire”

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About the Author:

TO-logo-250-transparentTempeste O’Riley is an out and proud pansexual genderfluid whose best friend growing up had the courage to do what they couldn’t–defy the hate and come out. He has been their hero ever since.

Tempe is a hopeless romantic that loves strong relationships and happily-ever-afters. Though new to writing M/M, they has done many things in their life, though writing has always drawn them back–no matter what else life has thrown their way. They counts their friends, family, and Muse as their greatest blessings in life. They lives in Wisconsin with their children, reading, writing, and enjoying life.

Tempe is also a proud PAN member of Romance Writers of America®, Rainbow Romance Writers, and WisRWA. Learn more about Tempeste and their writing at

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Spotlight & Giveaway – Dream God by J. Johanis

Dreams God Book Cover

Title:  Dream God

Series:   S-Gods #2

Author:   J. Johanis

Length:  185 Pages

Genre:   Dark Erotica/ M/M Fantasy/ Romance

2015NewAbout the Book

For the first time in three years, Aya is finally free, but with his freedom comes the pain of all he’s lost. Seeing Akad and Marduk together makes him realize how badly he has messed up. By betraying Marduk, he ruined his chance with the one god he desires more than anything.

Aya needs time to heal and put his world back together, but the trial against the Order looms over him. As the trial begins, Akad, Marduk, and Aya are ensnared in a web of jealousy, backstabbing, and cut-throat politics. Were they crazy to think they could stand up to the Order? If the gods of the Order can still rip their lives apart, their chances of receiving justice may be next to impossible. But if they fail to bring the Order down, Aya may never truly be free.
Content Advisory: Graphic violence, abuse, & dub-con.

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Dream God cover

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2015NewAbout the author

J. Johanis writes dark M/M erotic fantasy and enjoys plots that are historical or myth-based.





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Release Day Spotlight & Excerpt – Rooftops by John Wiley


2015NewAbout the Book

Its summer and three friends from Ohio graduate college, ready to start making their way in the real world.

Rhys; the eternal optimist who wants to be an actor and moves to Los Angeles.

Erick; the career man, seeking money and position who moves with him.

And Joey; the aspiring artist, who for the love of his girlfriend, Cheryl, stays behind in Ohio.

While attempting to follow their dreams each must face their share of personal and professional obstacles. Each is tested. Will they lose sight of themselves?

Will old friendships fall apart and new friendships form?

rooftops cover

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“I’m really proud of you,” Rhys’ dad says, shaking his son’s hand and pulling him in for a hug. When he lets go, Rhys doesn’t speak, distracted by something two cars down. Rhys’ dad follows his son’s gaze to the unnaturally tan boy taking his cap off and shaking his head to try to fluff out his hair.

“Who’s that?” his dad asks, smirking at Rhys.

The guy checks his reflection in the side mirror and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Huh? Oh, just some guy.”

“Go talk to him,” his dad says, pushing him toward the guy.

“Dad, no,” Rhys says, blushing.

“Maybe I should tell your mother about him, she’ll talk to him for you,” his dad offers, a mischievous grin on his face.

“What’s that?” his mother asks, distracted by taking pictures of the buildings surrounding the quadrangle.

“Nothing.” Rhys sighs. “I hate you,” he whispers to his dad, a smile on his face as he walks down to the guy, who’s wearing a blue T-shirt and khaki shorts.

“Hey, Liam. Congratulations on graduating.”

“Yeah, thanks… you too.” Liam looks at Rhys like he’s trying to place him.

“Thanks. It’s Rhys, by the way. We had a couple of classes together.”

“Yeah, I know who you are.” Liam smiles. “You made that B*Witched documentary for our film editing class.”

“Yeah, I did. And you made a film about how Japanese Americans were treated during World War II. It was really good,” Rhys adds after a few seconds of silence.

“So, I gotta get going and meet my parents at their hotel.” Liam tosses his cap and gown in the trunk before getting in his car.

“Oh, right. Yeah, my family is waiting too.” Rhys turns toward them and sees his mom taking a picture of the guys talking. “Dammit.” He looks back at Liam and sees him smiling.

“Later,” Liam says, shutting the door and starting his car.

“Bye,” Rhys mumbles, turning and sulking back to his family. “That was so embarrassing!” he says when he reaches the car.

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2015NewAbout the author

JOHN WILEY is currently a barista that hates coffee, but is really good at making it. When not writing, he likes to expose his cat to as many Christmas movies as possible. Just like his life, his biography is a work in progress.