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About the Book

HavensRevengeFSTitle: Haven’s Revenge

Series: A Caddo Norse Novel

Author: Phetra H. Novak

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Shayla Mist

Length: 305 Pages

Release Date: October 23, 2015

Blurb: Haven Naranjo is a proud Caddo Indian, with a frightening past. He was a mere fifteen year old boy when he found his parents, part of his tribe, and his high school sweetheart slaughtered by a wereman gone mad. Falling victim to a system that is not always prepared to deal with a shattered young mind, Haven finally gives up on himself. He grows up to be bitter and hateful toward the creatures he hate. Werewolves.

Alexander Prescott is the younger of the two Prescott boys and comes from a large werewolf clan. But things are bigger than that. Alexander, is the true vessel of the Fenrir Ulv and is to become the leader of all supernatural beings, the King of Wolves. On top of that, he’s in love with Haven. He’s known since he hit puberty that Haven is his true mate. But there’s one problem, Haven hates what he can become. However, Alexander has a plan on how he is to charm his, and his wolf’s way into the grumpy Caddo Indian man’s heart.

But fate has other plans for them. The Asa Guard enters their calm country living, determined to use their own kind against them and kill the true vessel—Alexander Prescott.

When war between the Asa Gods and the Fenrir Ulv starts knocking on their door, what side will the damaged Haven choose? Will he find a way of trusting those, especially Alexander, who he feels has betrayed him and let his animal, the eagle, lead him straight to his fate by his mate’s side? Or will he trust the words of strangers, who come to make his quest of seeing all shifters dead a reality?

Haven’s Revenge is a story of an emotional journey for a whole community. It’s about finding acceptance not just from others but in yourself.


“Wouldn’t that be the weirdest turn of fate, if this turns out to be true?” David said, scratching the back of his neck, snorting loudly, seeing the reaction it would bring in front of him.

“If this is his fate, then we have to go with it and believe the spirits know what they’re doing. Haven has reasons for his hate but he’s not weak. He’s one of the strongest people I know, and he needs recognition for that. Haven’s a good kid.” They all looked at each other, and started laughing. “Fine, and a huge pain in the ass but until we know more, let’s just keep this on the down low.”

“I’m with the tea snob, here,” David pointed at Eddy but looked at Coleman the entire time. “We can sort Haven out if all this comes to be true. We’ll make sure Alex and he get their shit together, fuck like bunnies to get that mated bond sorted, and then live happily ever after. I’ll tie the fucker down if I have too, and you know how good I am with rope.”

“Jesus Christ, David, paint me a picture, why don’t you?” Coleman groaned, rubbing a hand over his face.

“Sorry, Alpha. I’m not really that artistic.” He snickered as they started to walk back toward the main house, where David had parked his car.

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 About the Author

Phetra often refers to herself as the odd man out, the dorky book nerd who rather spend her time with a good book or making up fantastic stories with even more fantastic characters, than live in the real world dealing with real people.

The real world is strange in a very non humorous way and people in it complicate it to the point of wearing you out. In the world of the written word no matter if it is in someone else’s words or that of her own things might get busy, complicated, and sometime even plain painful but somewhere along the line there is always a hero on the horizon. He might not be prime or proper, a church going pretty boy since the author prefer rebellious men and women who don’t follow the protocols of society.

One of her favorite saying are that only dead fish follow the stream and well she ain’t no dead fish.

Phetra live together with her family, two children, a domestic partner and their two cats in Gothenburg, Sweden and when reading her books you will notice that she always finds a way of bringing her on culture into her books.

The joy of writing and reading comes from her childhood and is something she has always loved, something she is passionate to share with others. Phetra loves hearing from her readers even with ideas of what they want to come next.

If you are looking for her the best place to start looking for her is at home in the quietest corner of the house where you’ll find her either curled up with her Kindle or her laptop typing away.

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Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway – Skip Trace by Kelly Jensen & Jenn Burke

Skip Trace Blog Tour Banner

I’m not sure Jenn and I appreciated how messed up Felix would be by the time we got to Skip Trace, the third book in our Chaos Station series. Oh, how naïve of us.

In the first book, Chaos Station, we bring together two scarred and bruised souls. Childhood friends and former lovers, Zander and Felix have not seen each other in nearly nine years. Zed thinks Felix died in the war, and Felix thinks Zed has been swallowed by Black Ops, where he might as well be dead. To say seeing each other again is a shock would be an understatement. Messed up by his experimental training, Zed thinks Felix is a ghost. Felix…well, he’s lost so much to the war, the reality of Zed feels too good to be true.

Together, they work to save another of Zed’s teammates, and if you’ve read the book, you know how well that turns out. Their first fumblings toward restoring their relationship fare a little better. The physical side of things proves much easier than the mental side—maybe because they were friends first, lovers second. The order of priority changed just before the war, however, when they acknowledged feelings that had always been there and vowed to make it work—only to be torn apart by brutal events.

In the second book, Lonely Shore, we do terrible things to both of them. Really, writers are awful people. Sometimes I look at Felix’s character sheet and ask myself, “What were you thinking?” And then I go on to plot… Um, you’ll just have to wait for book four for that one. Anyway, if you’ve read Lonely Shore, you know we, er, let the “fatal effects” of Zed’s experimental training catch up with him. This isn’t as much a spoiler as you think, because the cover copy for Skip Trace begins:

“Zander Anatolius has been revived from the fatal effects of the super-soldier program…”

The important word there is revived. The important fact, however, is that he did die, and Felix suffered yet another loss, and this one… Oh, man.

See, Felix has loved Zed since he was eight years old. In addition to being his best friend, Zed is his hero. He is the man Felix first looked to for salvation. He is the man Felix will always look to for help. Add in the lovely backstory I cooked up for Felix—capture, torture, nearly four years as a prisoner of war, the loss of his home and family, some slightly serious (is that an oxymoron?) substance abuse issues and a slew of emotional problems—and you have a man who is not going to cope well with the death of his…everything. Because Zed is just that, his everything. So while we plotted the first two books as a recovery arc for Zed, we failed to take into account the downward spiral this would mean for Felix.

By the end of Lonely Shore the damage is evident. Felix functions, but only just. His armor—his defensive nature and snark—is brittle, and one tap is going to break him into a million pieces.

Because we’re (evil) writers, we deliver the blow with a hammer.

Skip Trace is the middle of a five chapter story. Necessarily, it’s dark. It’s the turning point, for both Zed and Felix. Zed is cured, but what does that mean? And our super soldier has his own issues—war is not kind, and being a denied asset can’t be fun. Felix is broken, and must struggle to pull the pieces of himself together in order to save Zed, again, so that Zed can turn around and save him.

Both our guys have battles to fight in this book and, for the most part, they go at it alone—and that’s another sad comment on their mental state. Zed and Felix both have been rejected by the institution that f’cked them up, the Allied Earth Forces. War has all but shredded their trust. The point of the story, though, is that they can only do it together, and when they realise that…well, it’s painful and beautiful at the same time.

Where will we go from here? When you’re at the bottom of a well, there really is only one place to go, and that’s up and out. I could rattle off some lovely clichés, but the important thing is that there are two books left in this series, and these guys have got places to go and people to see. We need them on deck and functional. The galaxy needs them, even if they’re not quite convinced of that fact yet.

That doesn’t mean we can’t continue to torture them just a little bit, though. 😉

Skip Trace cover LG

2015NewAbout the Book

Skip Trace

Book three of Chaos Station

Zander Anatolius has been revived from the fatal effects of the super-soldier program, but now he has to face his estranged family and tell a story few would believe. With his lover and the crew of the Chaos at his side, Zander returns home to a media frenzy, threats from the military and pressure to join the family business.

Felix Ingesson still struggles with the horror of believing Zander dead. And no matter how strong their emotional connection is, Felix feels out of place in the glittery world of Zander’s rich family. His lover would be better off without a broken, low-class ship’s engineer holding him back.

When the crew receives word that another of Zander’s former teammates needs rescue, Felix travels with the Chaos…setting Zander free. But when Zander is arrested for treason, the men realize they need each other as much as ever—not only to survive, but to make their lives worth living.

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2015NewAbout the author

Jenn and Kelly met in 2009 through a mutual infatuation with a man who wasn’t real. After all but crashing the video game’s forums with daily dissection of their obsession, they started writing together, discovered they really liked writing together and began plotting stories in worlds of their own creation.

The CHAOS STATION series aren’t the first books they’ve written together, and they’re pretty sure they won’t be the last. As long as their so-called smartphones keep making autocorrects that trigger brainstorming sessions, they’ll have enough character ideas and plots to keep them writing for years to come.

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Cover Reveal, Exclusive Excerpt, & Giveaway – Lovers Entwined by Lillian Francis



Lillian Francis reveals the beautiful cover art of her upcoming book titled LOVERS ENTWINED.

It releases on August 03, 2015.



Ewan Matthews is one of Boston’s leading genealogy experts. When a would-be bridegroom comes looking for confirmation that there are no skeletons in his ancestral closet, Ewan considers turning the job down. Trey Capell is a jerk of the highest order and yet Ewan experiences an infuriating attraction that’s easy to justify. Trey’s exactly his type—a carbon copy of the man Ewan’s been looking for his entire life.

Harder to explain is the sense of recognition that leaves Ewan speechless the moment Trey steps into his office. Or the stomach-churning sensation at the thought of casting the job aside.

Trey gets more appealing by the day, leaving Ewan struggling with forbidden desire for his client. Desire not helped by strange voyeuristic dreams that have started to haunt his sleep. Dreams that appear to be an echo of the past.



Cover Art by Meredith Russell

Lovers Entwined jpeg



“It’s only a casual meeting. With Trey Capell. I doubt if he’ll even show up.” Ewan sighed. He faked a cough to cover the sound as Barbara’s other eyebrow shot up to join the first in an interested question.

Why in hell did I sound disappointed about that?

“Oh.” She studied him curiously, her head still quirked slightly to one side. She seemed to come to a decision and a small smile graced her lips. “So, what did you call me for?”

“Nothing. Just to let you know that you might as well take yourself off home. The Optik-Smythe report can wait another day.”

Ewan stopped at the window, and kneeling on the leather seat, he glanced out at the snow. He spun the chair back around to face Barbara, resting his arms across the headrest. It was a childish act, which made Ewan feel lightheaded. He considered pushing off with his feet and seeing how many rotations he could do before he ran out of steam. But he wouldn’t. Start that sort of behaviour and next thing you know he’d be wearing jeans to the office and what would that do for his respected—crusty—reputation?

Stopping the sigh before it could even form, Ewan smiled at his P.A. “I can’t see a break in the snow and I’d rather you went home before the roads start to freeze. Go and surprise Fred. See if you can get him to make me some gingerbread for tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Barbara beamed. “But what about Mr Capell?”

“I’ll listen out for him,” Ewan said, to reassure her. He didn’t bother to reiterate that he didn’t think Trey would be coming for fear that the unwarranted feeling of disappointment would show itself in his voice or expression.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She disappeared back through the doorway.

She wasn’t gone for more than two minutes before she reappeared with her bag over her shoulder and a coy smile on her face. Ewan hadn’t wheeled the chair any further into the room, his attention distracted by the fall of snowflakes, which he watched, mesmerized.

“He’s very good-looking, isn’t he?”

Not expecting the interruption, Ewan glanced back at her with a frown born from surprise.

“Mr Capell,” Barbara said, although her explanation was unnecessary. “About your age too.”

“He’s a client. And a self-absorbed idiot.”

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Lillian Francis. Author of gay romance. Happy Endings guaranteed. Eventually.

An avid reader, Lillian Francis was always determined she wanted to write, but a “proper” job and raising a family distracted her for over a decade. Over the years and thanks to the charms of the internet, Lillian realized she’d been writing at least one of her characters in the wrong gender. Ever since, she’s been happily letting her “boys” run her writing life.

Lillian now divides her time between family, a job and the numerous men in her head all clamouring for their stories to be told.

Lillian lives in an imposing castle on a wind-swept desolate moor or in an elaborate ‘shack’ on the edge of a beach somewhere depending on her mood, with the heroes of her stories either chained up in the dungeon or wandering the shack serving drinks in nothing but skimpy barista aprons.

In reality, she would love to own a camper van and to live by the sea.

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