Guest Post & Excerpt – Stones in the Road by Nick Wilgus


I was never good with rules. You can see that in my SUGAR TREE series of books about a gay single father raising a deaf child in the Deep South. I rather casually ignored most of the rules of the genre. Am I not supposed to talk about religion and politics? Oh well. A book that features an MC who’s poor, who scrapes by, who isn’t even mildly successful? Done. Characters who spout rude, offensive and very politically incorrect statements? Of course. A MM romance set in the buckle of the Bible Belt? And why not? Are there no gay boys in Tupelo, Mississippi?

Rules are your friends, of course, and they have been enormously helpful over the course of my writing career. If you don’t color inside the lines, you leave readers disappointed or uncertain about your skills. Yet I reached a point in my writing where I decided the rules weren’t working for me. They were too confining. Gay romance stories are wonderful, but I wanted to do something a little different. I was not very good at writing steamy sex scenes, but I did have an ear for dysfunctional family dynamics. As a big fan of flawed characters, I wanted mine to be chock full of them. I wanted to write something that rang true – a family arguing over a dinner table about abortion, fist fights, disappointments, kids with special needs, adults with dreams slipping away, all of it steeped in the enormous and heart-breaking comedy that is life.

I came of age in the late 70s, early 80s. At that time, the “gay community” was a collection of lost souls at a bar, and the “gay lifestyle” was endless drinking, drugging and sex. I was one of those very uncool people who wanted to have a “relationship,” who didn’t much care for alcohol or drugs, and who not a big fan of one night stands. I wanted something a little more traditional. Kids were not entirely beyond the realms of possibility. As you can imagine, this made me wildly unpopular.

Here I am now, in my early fifties, and all my gay friends are getting married and adopting children.

Funny, that.

My books seem to be an extension of my inability to fit in. While they do have a romantic element, they are basically books about family — very messy families in all their messy but wondrous glory. They’re about fathers and sons, mothers who meddle, the knight in shining armor hiding a dark secret, the crazy grandfather who sits on the porch spitting and chewing and saying the most wildly inappropriate things. Because I think life is funny (much of it to the point of absurdity), I throw in a generous heaping of comedy. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t learned how to laugh in the face of disaster. Love covers a multitude of sins, but so does laughter.

If reader reactions are anything to go by, I have struck a nerve. I was not sure my publisher would like SHAKING THE SUGAR TREE, but it quickly became a best-seller and wound up on several “best of” lists here and there. STONES IN THE ROAD picks up two years later in the lives of Wiley, Jackson and Noah, and most every review so far has been a solid 5 stars. My readers have been very kind to me.

Up next for me is a book called GET YOUR SHINE ON, scheduled for release in September/October 2015, also coming from Dreamspinner Press. SHINE is about a young gay couple who take in an abandoned boy. Like the SUGAR TREE books, it is a set in rural Mississippi, and you’ll find lots of laughs, meddlesome neighbors, crazy in-laws and a little boy who finds himself smack dab in the middle of it all.

At the moment, I am working on another SUGAR TREE book called GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAINS, which should be out sometime next year. This book will feature the story of what happens when Wiley and Jackson decide they want to adopt …



Title: Stones in the Road
Series: The Sugar Tree Series, Sequel to
Shaking the Sugar Tree
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
ISBN: 9781632167309 [ebook]
ISBN: 9781632167293 [paperback]
Length: 350 Pages
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: Jan 30th, 2015

2015About the book

When his snobbish future in-laws travel all the way from Boston to visit, wise-cracking Southerner Wiley Cantrell learns that gay marriage is not without its disadvantages. Occupied by concerns over the health of his special needs son Noah, a meth baby who was not expected to live and who is now on the cusp of puberty, the antics of Wiley’s outrageous would-be mother-in-law and severely conservative father-in-law strain his relationship with Jackson Ledbetter, a pediatric nurse who poses problems of his own. As their respective families meet and greet, each just as meddlesome and inflexible as the other, North meets South and the fireworks and cultural misunderstandings are plenty.

A tornado blows through the small Mississippi town where Wiley’s mother lives, wrecking his mother’s house and leaving their lives in disarray. Then Jackson’s secret drug addiction comes to light, and Wiley and Noah are devastated. With so many stones in the road, Wiley and Jackson find their dream of becoming a real family falling apart. Though Wiley relies on humor to cope, he’ll need something more to keep his happily ever after from slipping away.

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From Chapter 51: There’s No Good in Goodbye

Jackson heard the crinkling of the plastic as I filled a bag with shorts, tanks, socks, and underwear.

He rolled over, opened his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

He sat, wiped his face.

“You’re leaving?” he said at last.

“They must have been lying when they said your IQ test came back negative.”


“Lost in thought, are you? Want me to send a search party? I realize it’s unfamiliar territory for you.”

“What the hell?”

“Don’t talk to me!” I snapped.

He threw on a bathrobe.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“We’re leaving. I suggest you leave me alone, because right now I want to take this cast and bash your fucking teeth in. And if you don’t believe me, I’ll be happy to prove you wrong.”

He paled at these words. I had never been so angry.

“Wiley, please,” he said softly.

“Noah saw you sucking that shit up your nose,” I said. “You’d do that in front of my son? It’s taken me weeks to drag it out of him because he was too afraid to tell me what you’d done. How fucking dare you! In front of my child!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about!”

“He saw me?”

“He gave me a little demonstration. Yeah, I’d say he saw you. Maybe next time you could teach him how to use a syringe, you fucking loser!”

Jackson looked horrified.

“And you know, I thought I could live with that, but then your mama told us about the woman in the wheelchair, and I’ve been thinking about that woman all night….”

“I can explain.”

“I’m sure you can. People like you always do. What if Noah had been in the car with you? What if he was the one you left in a fucking wheelchair?”

“I made a mistake!”

“A mistake? A mistake? You paralyze someone for the rest of their life, and it’s just a simple mistake? Jesus! Who the hell are you?”

I tied up one bag, dragged it to the door, grabbed another. It was almost impossible to get my stuff in the bags because of my cast, but I was not going to be put off. I yanked shirts and pants off their hangers and stuffed them inside.

“We can talk about this,” he said.

“No, we can’t talk about this,” I returned.


“Because you have nothing to say that I want to hear. I don’t care if your mommy’s a mean old cunt who didn’t love you. I don’t care if your daddy’s a shrink who made you feel inadequate. I don’t care if you’re some trust fund brat who doesn’t know what to do with all the millions he’s going to inherit. I don’t fucking care! You whine about having three people in this marriage. Well, you’re wrong, because there’s four people in this marriage. There’s me and Noah, and then there’s you and your fucking drugs. And you and your fucking drugs can go straight to fucking hell with all the other losers who don’t give a shit about what they do to the people who love them.”

“We’ll work this out!” he exclaimed.

“That’s what I’m doing right now, Jack. I’m working this out. This is how we do it down here in Dixie.”

“But where are you going to go?”

“What’s it to you? Why don’t you go take some more of your goddamn pills, you selfish prick?”

Jackson looked like I had just smacked him in the chops with a golf club.

I continued to pack, feeling suddenly embarrassed—ashamed— that I didn’t have suitcases, that I was packing my clothes in trash bags. It seemed symbolic of my whole life.

“Wiley, stop,” he said at last, coming over to me, grabbing the bag from me.

“I’m leaving!”

“No, you’re not.”

“I’d like to see you stop me!”

“You’re not leaving, because I am. Or I will. I’ll get a place somewhere. If that’s what you want, I’ll go. I’m not going to let you and Noah suffer because of me.”

“I can’t afford this place,” I pointed out.

“I’ll pay for it.”

“I don’t want your fucking money!” I shouted. “Haven’t you figured that out yet? I don’t want anything from you. I wanted you. There’s a difference!”

“You’re being unreasonable.”

“You’re breaking my heart, and you think I’m being unreasonable? I’ll show you how goddamned unreasonable I can be!”

He shrank away from me, as if afraid I was going to attack him. Which I was. Or wanted to. I wanted to put my hands around his neck and choke the miserable life out of him. Instead I sat down on the bed and burst into tears.

2015About the author
meandstick2-cropped300Nick Wilgus lives in Tupelo, Mississippi – birthplace of Elvis – and is the author of SHAKING THE SUGAR TREE, best-selling novel about a single gay man whose deaf son helps him find a boyfriend. The sequel, STONES IN THE ROAD, was just released on January 30, 2015. The third book in the series, GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAINS, is expected in early 2016.

A Lambda Award-nominee, Wilgus is also the author of the Father Ananda murder-mystery series: Mindfulness and Murder, Sister Suicide and Killer Karma (Crime Wave Press). His works have been translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Wilgus also wrote the script for the award-winning film Sop mai Ngeap, based on Mindfulness and Murder, produced by DeWarrenne Films in Bangkok, which was nominated for Best Screenplay by the Thai Film Association.

Wilgus sold his first short story, The Boogeyman in the Closet, to The Horror Show when he was 17.

Under the pen name Sulayman X, he also wrote Bilal’s Bread, Adventures of a Bird-Shit Foreigner, Tears of a Dragon, King of Storms and One Night in Bangkok: The Short Stories. Under the pen name of Jerome Wilde, he is the author of Boy Crucified: A Thomas Noel Mystery, available from DreamSpinner Press.


Website | Dreamspinner Author Page | Amazon Author Page

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Guest Post & Giveaway – The Next Call by Sue Brown


When I submitted this story I knew I was taking a risk. The Next Call is not your conventional boy meets boy love story. Nothing about it is conventional. I’m just lucky that Dreamspinner are prepared to take chances with me and I appreciate it very much.

Who are you? What do you do? I am mum, author, employee, dog walker, chief slave and head cook, sister, friend, step-daughter, theology graduate, reader, shoulder if needed and taxi to the kids. Sometimes I’m one of those things, most times I’m multi-tasking. Most people are like that. We are all something or multiple somethings. Our identities change during the day depending on who or what we are dealing with.

I’ve missed out one identity. Bisexual. Not that it isn’t important. It’s just what I am, not what I do. But I can be bi and say it out loud. I won’t lose my job or my home by being honest. What’s happens when what you do prevents you being what you are. That’s the whole point of The Next Call. Mark’s anonymous caller is very aware of what he will lose by admitting he is gay. This is not restricted to people in the spotlight. Over the world LGBT people are incredibly vulnerable to others’ reactions to their news. They lose their families, their homes, their jobs, their lives.

I don’t take my freedom for granted. I am lucky.

On the blog tour I want to highlight the amazing work LGBT helplines and charities do for people who really need them. I’ve focused on the UK because that is where I live. Please take the time to look at their sites.

The Kaleidoscope Trust is a UK based charity working to uphold the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people internationally. They promote that the rights of all people should be respected equally, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Title: The Next Call
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Christy Caughie
ISBN: 9781632166494 [ebook]
Length: 169 Pages
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: Feb 4th, 2015

2015About the book

Mark Grayson volunteers for an LGBT helpline, the same one that helped him through his teenage years. One day he takes a call from “Ricky,” a suicidal man being forced into a marriage he doesn’t want. For weeks Mark talks to Ricky and provides support, but he’s frustrated by the lack of information Ricky provides and the decisions he’s making. In the meantime, Mark starts a relationship with another volunteer. Then tragedy strikes and Mark takes time away from the helpline, but when he comes back, Ricky is waiting. Mark realizes Ricky is stronger than before and their relationship changes, but Mark isn’t sure what their future holds if their relationship is destined to be at the end of the phone.

Purchase Links

Dreamspinner Press Ebook

2015About the author

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn’t following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot and has gotten expert at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she’s made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.


WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebook | GoodreadsPinterest

Email Sue Brown


Sue Brown is giving away:
$20 Amazon Gift Card.
Paperback copy of Stolen Dreams
Ebook copies of Stolen Dreams & The Next Call

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Author Interview & Excerpt – Illusions by S.A. Ozment

Please welcome the fabulous S.A. Ozment who’s been kind enough to answer a few questions. She’s also sharing an excerpt from her upcoming release, Illusions! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

What was the most challenging part of writing this story?

Illusions is my first book, so everything seemed a bit challenging in the beginning. Probably the most difficult thing in this story was finding exactly the right way to end it. I ran through several scenarios in my head before finally deciding on one that I liked. I hope it was the right choice.

What are you working on now?

My second book Demons was very emotional for me therefore, I want my next novel to be all about fun and fluff with a bit of romance. I have several ideas, I just need to pick one and run with it.

Why did you decide to write M/M Romance?

I discovered m/m romance when I started watching Queer as Folk about 10 years ago. I fell in love with Brian and Michael and wanted the two of them to have a happily ever after together. However, it wasn’t until I discovered “Chrolli” that I wanted to actually write a love story. “Chrolli” is the story of Christian and Oliver in the German soap opera, “Verbotene Liebe”, which means “Forbidden Love”. I found them one day on You Tube in 2008 and fell in love. When I say that is a beautiful love story, I mean it’s a BEAUTIFUL love story. The entire storyline in on YouTube and it’s subtitled in several languages. It was very popular for a long time. I became friends with Jo Weil (Oliver) as well as the wonderful man who wrote the story, Tom Chroust. After watching that amazing story, all I wanted to do was write my own beautiful love story.

What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

I’m a big fan of anything Hollywood and I enjoyed sharing some things that I had seen and heard from various people through the years. When I wrote about the studios, I recalled going to Paramount Studios and visiting some of the Roswell cast. A lot of what Skylar has to say is from things I have heard my actor friends say in the past or some of the behind the scenes stories that they have shared. It was a lot of fun for me to write.

What’s your writing process like? Are you a plotter, a pantser, or both?

I don’t usually plan anything. For example, when I started Illusions, I had no idea that there would be an arsonist involved. That just happened. I started writing the book because I wanted to tell a story about an actor falling in love with non-celebrity person. After a while, the book started to write itself. Honestly, there would be times when I didn’t know, until my fingers started typing, what would happen next. It was all very strange to me, the entire process of Illusions.

How did it feel to sign that first contract?

It was the most surreal feeling. When I started writing “Illusions”, I had just been laid off from my job of twenty-two years and I was frustrated at the job hunting process. Once I started writing, I quickly realized that it very therapeutic. While it felt great to write and be able to say anything I wanted on paper, I never once thought about the story being published. An author friend of mine suggested that I send it to Dreamspinner. When they accepted the manuscript, I jumped up and down. It was a fantastic feeling.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author looking to get published?

Being so new, I’m not sure I can give good advice but I can offer the steps that I took. Once you write your book, have it reviewed by several of your friends for grammar, pacing and anything that may need to be added or removed. Once it’s cleaned up, it’s time to pick a publisher. Make sure you submit the manuscript exactly as they asked and then move on to your next book while you wait. That makes the time go a little faster and hopefully, once you hear they want your book, you’ll be well into your second.

What are your plans for the future? What more can we look forward to from you?

I’ve just submitted my second novel “Demons” to Dreamspinner Press and I’m waiting to hear back if they will publish it or not. Other than that, I’ve been promoting “Illusions” and haven’t had time to start another book but I hope to very soon.

What are your five favorite songs and why?

1) Right now, my number one favorite song is Demons by Imagine Dragons. It was my inspiration for the book that I just completed. I feel like everyone has demons that they battle everyday and sometimes it’s easier to just avoid love rather than face down these demons.

2) My second favorite song is The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. This fan video of Sebastian Stan (who I love) in Kings was my sole inspiration for Skylar in Illusions.

3) I recently found my third favorite. It’s Take Me to Church by Hozier. I have to say that I don’t completely agree with the song. I believe in Church and God, but I know that there are many so called Christians who use the Church to hide behind their own bigotry. I chose to believe the song is about those particular people.

4) Stay with Me by Sam Smith. I absolutely love everything about this song. Besides the fact Sam’s voice is so beautiful, the words break my heart. “Oh won’t you stay with me, ‘cause you’re all that I need.” I believe he wrote this song for his straight best friend, whom he was in love with. Such a sad, yet beautiful song.

5) I’m Not the Only One – Another Sam Smith song that I’m obsessed with. “You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done.” Another song that is so incredibly sad, because his lover is cheating on him and I can feel Sam’s feelings in all of his songs. That is a gift of a true songwriter.

I could go on and on as l love music. I really enjoy the 80’s music, BonJovi, REO Speedwagon, “LoverBoy”, all of those hair bands. They were my favorites.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in lust at first sight. I can’t imagine loving someone until I knew more about them. I do think that you can see someone and be very overwhelmed with feelings but again, I think it’s more physical at that point.

Name 5 favorite movies. Why?

For someone who isn’t really a “fall in love” type of girl, the majority of my five favorite movies are all romantic. Go figure.

Notting Hill – This is probably my all time favorite movie. I love the premise; I adore Hugh Grant’s acting and Spike! Who could not love “Spike”. The soundtrack was beautiful…so many things to love about that movie.

Latter Days – I adored this movie!! I felt so sorry for Aaron when he was thrown out of the Mormon Church for being gay. This movie touched me in so many ways. I still find myself watching it at least once a year.

Love Actually – I’m a huge Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fan so it’s no surprise that this movie is high on my list. I watch it every year, sometimes more than once and it never gets old. Just the love stories, especially the little boy who loves the girl in his class, it’s just so sweet.

Life as a House – I love this movie because the story of the man building the house at the same time he was building his relationship with his son was so beautiful to me. Of course, I cried like a baby at the end. Lovely movie.

Legends of the Fall – This movie introduced me to Brad Pitt and while I could stop there, I did really enjoy the drama of the three brothers and their father in the wilderness.

Thank you again so much for having me here as a guest. I really appreciate it.:)))


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Genre: M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novel
Release Date: February 13, 2015
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Art: Christy Caughie 


Ever since arriving in Hollywood, Skylar Murphy has been loving life. He’s starring in a hit television show and on the verge of grabbing the lead role in the most anticipated movie of the decade. Poised on the edge of superstardom, he doesn’t want or need any complications to distract him from that goal. Whether he’s sleeping with a woman or a man, his noncommittal, no-strings-attached love life suits him perfectly, and despite his rep for playing gay roles, the world still thinks he’s straight.

At the launch party for his new show, Skylar meets Aiden Moore, an openly gay firefighter by day and cater waiter to the stars by night. Skylar is immediately attracted to him, but Aiden rejects him. When an arsonist appears to have targeted Skylar, their paths keep crossing. Always up for a challenge, Skylar works to win Aiden over, and he agrees to a date. Soon enough they can’t stay away from each other. Despite hiding their relationship away from the ever-present paparazzi, they’re happy together until a jilted fan joins forces with the arsonist to sabotage their future.

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Dreamspinner Press ebook Preorder | Dreamspinner Press Paperback Preorder


(Lead in– Skylar ran into Aiden, who was serving champagne, at the premier party for The Executives. When there’s a fire at the sound stage near Skylar’s, he spots Aiden again. Not having been introduced, he refers to him as “Mr. Champagne”.)

“…” refers to edited dialogue for length

2015 Divider

It couldn’t be… could it? Skylar looked again to make sure he was not mistaken. This time Skylar saw the flicker of recognition in Mr. Champagne’s eyes before he turned back to continue talking to his chief. As Skylar stood there, trying to decide his next move, he watched Mr. Champagne grab an ax from the side of the truck, put on his helmet, and disappear into the building. That was it. Maybe it was the sheer hotness of that guy just grabbing his ax and walking into a smoke-filled building, or maybe it was the memory of that rock-hard body, but Skylar knew he had to know more about him, fan or not.


Mr. Champagne walked out of the building, which was now almost smoke free, and headed toward the fire engine. As he removed his helmet to wipe the sweat off his face, Sophie knew immediately why Skylar was so interested. It was the hot serving guy she had seen him flirting with at the party.

“Is that the guy?” asked Sophie, motioning toward the firefighter.

Skylar moved to block her from Mr. Champagne’s view. “Yes, that’s him, and would you please stop being so obvious?”

“Are you going to talk to him?” she asked.

Getting annoyed at the constant string of questions, Skylar just glared at Sophie and said, “I might. I haven’t decided yet.” Then, motioning toward the soundstage, he said, “But will you please meet me on set? I’ll be there in a second.”

“Okay, fine, but I really think you should talk to him.” At Skylar’s second glare she said, “I’m leaving, I’m leaving. See you in a few.” Sophie walked off down to Soundstage 5.


Turning back to Mr. Champagne, who looked slightly busy trying to get the hose latched onto the truck, Skylar tried to be patient. But after a few more minutes, Skylar felt he had waited long enough. It’s now or never, he thought as he started toward the fire truck and the sexy fireman.

“Hey,” said Skylar as he walked up behind Mr. Champagne.

Mr. Champagne turned around. Upon seeing it was Skylar, he said, “Hey,” and then he immediately turned back to his truck to finish tying in the hose. He had no time for the disappearing actor.

Okay, what the fuck? Not sure exactly how to take that reaction, but not wanting to back down, Skylar continued, “I saw you a few minutes ago, talking to your fire chief, and I thought that I recognized you. Didn’t you work The Executives premiere party the other night?”

Aiden paused for a second, then turned back and replied, “Yeah, that was me.” And then, unable to stop himself, Aiden said, “Although, I must say, I’m surprised you remembered me. If I’m not mistaken, you were more than wasted that night.”

“You can say that again,” Skylar agreed. “….” “Yet, I do remember you, so I believe that proves that I did have some clarity that night. But I have to admit, if you introduced yourself to me, your name was lost someplace between six and eight gin and tonics.”

Aiden looked at him for a second before responding, “Actually, I didn’t find it necessary to introduce myself. I was just serving champagne to the party guests.”

Well, damn! Skylar, a bit taken back by the chill in the fireman’s voice, said, “Okay. I only thought that you might have because in my experience, most fans introduce themselves right away. Forgive me, I didn’t mean to assume something so simple.”

Aiden turned all the way around, looked Skylar straight in the eye, and said, “Actually you’re still assuming, if you think I’m a fan. Truth is, until that night, I didn’t know who you were.” He paused before finishing with, “Sorry about that.”

Skylar, a bit insulted yet somehow intrigued, stood there for a moment, taking all this new information in. Then he smiled, held out his hand, and quietly said, “No apology needed. Let me introduce myself. My name is Skylar Murphy.” And you are certainly going to know me now.

2015About the author

S.A. Ozment was born and raised in North Carolina. From day one, she had stars in her eyes and by the time she hit high school she wanted to move to NYC and sing on Broadway. The fates (her parents) had other ideas, so she was hustled off to college and four years later, she was an accountant and had pushed those dreams aside.

For many years, on her time off, S.A. worked with different actors as a forum manager/social media promoter. Today, she is again an accountant by day but still finds time to promote a few actors (some officially, some not so officially) at night.

In 2013, she was laid off from her accounting job of twenty years. While looking for another job, she had free time to do other things. She had always loved to tell stories and therefore, she decided to use some of her experiences and write a book.  Once the writing bug hit her, there was no stopping it. She has just finished her second book and is beginning a third.

Most nights, you can find her curled up in the recliner with her laptop either writing or working on some type of promotion. unless “The Walking Dead” is on, then she will be found in front of the television.


Blog | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Twitter

You can reach S.A. Ozment at


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