J.P. Barnaby – The Life of an Escort Part 1 (NSFW)

The Life of an Escort

Part One: Dinner with a Gentleman

By J. P. Barnaby


“Simon, it’s good to see you again,” Mr. Chauncey greeted me as I came down the porch from my third floor walk-up. His silver BMW gleamed from its place next to the curb, and I smiled at him. Always smiling. It didn’t matter that another lover had just walked out on me because I refused to cash in one of my investments to go with him to the Caribbean. You work too hard, he’d complained, you never have time for me. I could see his point, but what Jeremy never understood was that I only had maybe three more good years left. After that, I could cash out and open up a spa. I had a plan, one that he didn’t want to be a part of. I just wish he’d have told me that six months ago and saved me the headache.

“It’s good to see you too, David,” I told Mr. Chauncey as he took my hand and pumped it vigorously. David and I have had a standing appointment on the last Friday of every month for a year. The evenings all went the same way: picked up in his silver beamer, whisked off to a fabulous dinner, interesting conversation, and a quiet kiss goodnight. He paid generously for my time and my conversation, never asking for anything more. I loved these evenings with him where I could almost be myself.

David’s sweet kindness warmed me and I surprised us both as I leaned forward and kissed him lightly. The chaste kiss made him smile and he touched my cheek before he took my hand and led me to the car. As always, he held the door open for me, and while some men might feel emasculated by the gesture, I found it charming. David’s consistent respect for me was always a welcome change from the men who wanted a rented boy to degrade.

“I was thinking of something different for tonight, if you’re interested,” David said suddenly as he slipped his key into the ignition. “Something a little spicier…” I looked at him, wondering if he finally wanted to take our agreement to a different place. The heat in his eyes made me think maybe he was ready, but his posture still looked tense.

“I like spicy,” I whispered and leaned a bit closer. He rested a hand on my leg and smiled.

“Good, I thought maybe we could try the Hanging Dragon. It’s a new Chinese place over on Wells,” he said casually. Oh, he meant food. I wasn’t sure how I could have misread that, but I settled back in the passenger seat and put on my seat belt. Neither of us mentioned anything about adding a little spice to our agreement as we drove toward the restaurant in the Gold Coast.

The atmosphere changed again when the host seated us in a booth and David rubbed his foot against mine under the table. He never openly acknowledged the gesture, so I couldn’t be sure that the soft touches were intentional. I wanted to touch his hand in the same intimate way, but our relationship had never been one of open affection. David was a very handsome, masculine man in just the way that I liked. I’m sure sex with him would have been a joy, but he’d only ever been interested in my company, not my body.

At one point after the server brought the dumplings, which I love, I may have closed my eyes and moaned at the taste of them. Nothing beats a perfectly prepared Chinese dumpling dipped in a sinful sauce. I thought, when my eyes opened again, I saw David adjust himself under the table. The tables were tall, and the lights were dim, so it may have just been wishful thinking on my part because his calm demeanor never changed. I may also have imagined the higher temperature in the room when our eyes met, or it could have been the heat of the food.

Our conversations ranged from books to movies to the latest commentary on the social political climate for our LGBT community. David was only in the closet in theory. He didn’t advertise his sexuality, but he didn’t hide me when we went out. I’d never asked him why he continued to have dinner with me every month when he could have a meaningful relationship with someone else. Someone, who, I’m sure, would not understand our standing date.

“I missed this,” David said suddenly as he pulled out his credit card. Sliding it into the little plastic sheath with the bill to pay for dinner, he sighed quietly and looked up.

“Missed, what?” I asked, cautious because I’d misread the spicy comment earlier.

“Missed conversation with an intelligent man, missed a relaxing dinner with someone I liked being with, and I missed getting out and having a good time. Things have been really busy at my office lately, and it’s been a lot of late nights with some truly boring people.” David smiled, and handed the bill to our server who disappeared quietly. Oh. Why did I hope that he missed me?

“Well, I’m glad that you’re having a good time,” I responded quietly. The server returned with his receipt and put our odd little discussion on hold.

David was quiet as he drove me back to my apartment. It seemed he had something on his mind, but I didn’t want to push my luck and ask him what it was. I glanced over at him several times during the fifteen-minute drive, but he concentrated on the road and didn’t look back at me. I felt like a teenage girl waiting for her date to acknowledge her.

When we arrived at my building, he merely put the car into park and didn’t say anything for several minutes. The rush of traffic outside the car seemed to be the only sound in the world as I waited for him to explain whatever was on his mind. He took his hands off the wheel. While one rested lightly in his lap, the other rested on the narrow piece of plastic in front of the driver’s side window. A slight movement caught my attention and I saw him adjust himself. Had he been hard the whole ride back?

“David?” I asked, finally breaking the silence in the car. When he turned to me, his expression was sheepish, almost guilty. He looked like a child caught doing something naughty. “Can I give you a little help with that?”

“I…Well, I just…I’ve been busy and haven’t…” His blush nearly glowed in the dim light and I smiled at him, I couldn’t help it. With all of the things I saw and put up with as an escort, his shyness delighted me. Leaning over, I rested my upper body on the console so that my head lay on his shoulder and my fingers ghosted toward his lap.

“Relax, let me make you feel good,” I whispered against his skin as I kissed his jaw. The tension in his muscles eased a bit and he scooted down in the leather seat. I started by pulling his button down shirt out from where he’d tucked it into his dress pants. The undershirt came next before I slid my palm up his flat stomach. The coarse hair on his abdomen tickled my hand as I caressed him. A soft sigh escaped his lips just as they captured mine in a surprisingly sweet kiss.

A quiet moan reverberated against my lips when I rubbed one of his nipples, already hardening in the cool night air. Taking it between my thumb and forefinger, I rolled it, feeling it pebble further under my touch.

“Simon, God…that’s nice,” David whispered to the dark. Of course, Simon wasn’t my name and for a moment, I longed to hear him say “Zach” instead, but David didn’t know Zach. I leaned over, pulling his shirt higher and captured his other nipple between my lips. His back arched and he pushed his chest forward eagerly. I took the opportunity to open his belt and then his pants. Sliding my hand down into his open fly, I stroked him through soft cotton briefs. A wet spot, about the size of a quarter, had already formed where the material touched the head of his stiff cock.

I loved the little whimpers he couldn’t quite contain.

He spread his legs further and lifted up in the seat so that I could loosen the taut pants and rub lower. Gently, I ran my fingers over his balls and felt the texture of his coarse hair against the material of the briefs. His breathing accelerated and he moved his hips subtly in time with my hand, almost as if it were an unconscious need.

“Oh…” The sound was no more than a whisper, but it made my cock throb. Discretely, I brought my right hand up to my mouth and spit into it before sliding it into his briefs. David must not have had this kind of companionship for a while because the moment I wrapped my fingers around his dick, he thrust into my slick grip. Catching his eye, I leaned forward and kissed him as I stroked the thick cock filling my hand. It surprised me to realize that I wanted to crawl onto him and ride him right there in the car. Usually, I had more discretion, more control.

David broke the kiss, panting against my lips as a street sweeper passed the car with a loud grinding reminding me where we were. Sitting in the front seat of his car on a busy street making out like teenagers, anyone could walk by and see us. I stroked him faster, twisting my hand lightly over the head as he pressed is temple to mine. I could tell that he tried to keep his hips still by the way he stopped moving every few minutes and pressed his ass against the seat.

All at once, his head fell back against the seat and the thrust hard up into my hand as his cock erupted over my fingers and the front of his neatly pressed shirt. The leather seat creaked under the strain of his grip and a strangled groan tore through the small space. His eyes were closed tight, as if his entire being were focused on his orgasm, which lasted a surprisingly long time. When his eyes opened, David cradled my cheek in his palm and kissed me. The way his lips lingered, slowly tasting me, warmed me in a way I hadn’t felt in quite some time.

Then, he leaned past me and opened the glove box near my knees. Handing me a few fast food napkins, he started to clean himself up the best he could. The magic of the moment had ended, and we had other things to contend with.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Simon,” David said quietly as he counted bills from his wallet. As I watched distractedly, I started to notice that he counted out a few too many. It finally dawned on me that he was giving me a tip for services rendered. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I got him off because I wanted to, not for a bit of extra cash.

For the first time in a long time, I had to remind myself who and what I was as I took the cash and climbed out of his warm car for the cold bed waiting for me in my apartment.



Award winning romance novelist, J. P. Barnaby has penned over a dozen books including the Forbidden Room series, the Little Boy Lost series, and Aaron. As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.


Web site: http://www.JPBarnaby.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JPBarnaby
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JPBarnaby



Madison Parker Blog Tour – Bullies Are So Gay

Play Me, I'm Yours Blog Tour - Madison Parker

Bullies Are So Gay

We hear a lot about the bullying epidemic that is so prevalent in our schools today. Studies show LGBT youth are four times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual peers, and we know bullying is a major contributor towards depression, drug abuse, and teen suicide. Those of us who follow this topic are probably aware of organizations such as The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Project that offer crisis intervention and inspire hope for LGBT youth. We’re appalled by the fact large numbers of heterosexuals continue to spread hate towards members of the LGBT community.

But there’s another type of bullying that we don’t often hear about, one that can be just as devastating to LGBT youth, and that’s the bullying that occurs within the LGBT community. Imagine being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning and just entering adulthood, relieved that you’ve finally left the high-school bullies behind and thinking life is finally about to get better, only to discover that you’re not accepted within the LGBT community either.

It doesn’t happen everywhere or to everyone, but it does happen. And it can get pretty ugly. In many areas, for example, there is a divide within the gay community between men who are effeminate and men who are hypermasculine. Effeminate men are at high risk of being mocked, dismissed, or even verbally attacked by their more “masculine” gay counterparts. They endure hateful and cruel comments, including:

“You’re not a real man. If I were into fems, I’d just date women.”

“You’re the reason gays get bashed.”

“You’re hurting the gay community. You make the rest of us look bad.”

Vlogger Fernando speaks out about how hurtful comments like these can be. He’s one of many who have turned to vlogs to voice their frustration over this issue. Some of this animosity stems from the fact that the stereotypical gay man portrayed (often negatively) in the media is one who is outwardly effeminate and flamboyant—the butt of most gay jokes—and many gay men do not identify with that stereotype. Vlogger XemVanAdams suggests the reason for this type of prejudice stems from personal insecurity.

On the flip side, YouTube vlogger Tyson McCormick explains that hypermasculine gay men are sometimes criticized within the gay community for trying to “pass” as straight and not embracing their “gayness”. In response to an article on gay/straight male friendships, one commenter states, “Gay guys have always been a mystery to me. When they find out I’m gay they always act surprised. One guy even said I could “pass” for straight. How do you even begin to respond to that? It hurts. The more I read about the horribly named “straight-acting gay guy” movement (or whatever) there seems to be a lot of hate thrown at guys like me, like I’m “acting” or that I probably don’t like “normal” gay guys. I’m just being who I am. This is how I was born. … I love gay guys. I’m not proud I’m gay–it’s beyond that; I feel I’m LUCKY that I’m gay. I think all men are beautiful. Maybe there’s a lot of guys in my situation, maybe not, but as a gay community we should begin to realize there is no such thing as a stereotypical gay guy.”

I recently read Cassandra Gold’s “Clay’s Challenge“, a heartfelt and thought-provoking tale about a “fem” who suffers from bullying within the gay community. He tries to change his outward appearance and behavior in order to gain acceptance of the people around him, but it doesn’t work. Thankfully, he ultimately discovers that he is just as much a man as any of the butch guys and that he’s beautiful and worthy of love just the way he is. It’s a wonderful message, and I’d love to read more stories like it. If you have any book recommendations for me that deal with bullying within the gay community, please leave them in the comments below!

On a more positive note, I also came across many blogs and vlogs from members of the LGBT community who call for LGBT members to stand together, to treat each other with the same respect and equality they hope to gain from the heterosexual community. In the video below, XemVanAdams states, “We have to learn that…because our struggles, our trials and tribulations are so alike—regardless of feminine qualities versus masculine qualities—at the end of the day, as gay men and gay women, we’re judged the same. So to separate yourself only weakens the strength of our community, and it’s got to stop.”

There are, of course, other divisions within the LGBT community that I have not touched upon, but I’ve decided to discuss the Masc vs. Fem issue here, since it relates to events that take place in Play Me, I’m Yours. It’s no secret that Lucas, the main character in the novel, is effeminate. He’s also very inexperienced and somewhat naive. He’s been teased and taunted for years by his classmates, but when he falls victim to gay-on-gay bullying, it’s a whole new level of rejection for which he isn’t prepared.

Play Me, I'm Yours by Madison ParkerPlay Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker
Published by Harmony Ink Press

Fairy Tate. Twinklefingers. Lucy Liu. Will the taunting ever end? Lucas Tate suffers ridicule because of his appearance and sensitive nature. When he’s not teased, he’s ignored, and he doesn’t know which is worse. His one comfort in life is his music; he feels unloved by everyone. What he wants more than anything is to find a friend.

Much to his dismay, both his mom and a schoolmate are determined to find him a boyfriend, despite the fact Lucas hasn’t come out to them. His mom chooses a football player who redefines the term “heartthrob,” while Trish pushes him toward the only openly gay boy at Providence High. But Lucas is harboring a crush on another boy, one who writes such romantic poetry to his girlfriend that hearing it melts Lucas into a puddle of goo. All three prospects seem so far out of his league. Lucas is sure he doesn’t stand a chance with any of them—until sharing his gift for music brings him the courage to let people into his heart.

Click here to read the first chapter.
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Guest Author Kim Fielding – Night Shift

Most people probably think of prisons as being pretty terrifying places. And, well, they can be. But they’re not necessarily the scariest things we can imagine.

I have a friend who, because of the nature of her job, spends a fair amount of time visiting prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, probation offices, police stations, and the like. Sometimes she even has to go to the coroner’s office. She doesn’t mind. I’ve been with her on a couple of these visits and she’s completely calm. But tell her there’s a snake in the room and she’ll run away screaming.

A lot of my students work in various correctional facilities. I remember one student several years ago, a really big guy who spent his free time at the gym. He was a deputy sheriff who worked at the county jail. But on the day he had to give a presentation in front of the class, he spent a good half-hour beforehand in the bathroom, throwing up. Speaking in front of forty fellow students scared him more than facing cells full of inmates.

And I’ve spent some time in prisons, too. No, not like that. I got to go home at the end of the day. I’ve had lunch in a federal maximum security prison (turkey burgers) and in a Croatian prison (chocolate crepes for dessert). I’ve sat down across the table from a guy who’d spent the past ten years locked up and who, if he was very fortunate, would be released before AIDS debilitated him. But when I tried to go snorkeling in the bathtub-warm waters of the Florida Keys, I was too claustrophobic to keep my mask on, and I ended up staying in the boat instead.

In my new novella, Night Shift, Aiden Quinn has spent over half his life behind bars. He’s built up a lot of muscle and he knows how to stare down a threat. You know what makes his knees wobbly? Joining a book club.

Kim Fielding Night Shift

Night Shift at Dreamspinner Press: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3683

Kim Fielding:



Aside from a sympathetic parole officer, Aiden Finn is alone in the world. He knows this is his last chance—after a lifetime in and out of prison, one more mistake will land him there to stay. Unfortunately, his job as a night custodian at a motel is neither satisfying nor good for building his confidence, and booze and burglary are always just a step behind him.

Enter beautiful, exotic, and secretive Luka Gabor, the motel’s new security guard. He seems to know a great deal about literature, history, and travel but otherwise remains a mystery. Aiden has to admit, the sex has never been better, and he might even be feeling the beginnings of friendship. He dares to hope that this time, he won’t mess things up—if lurking monsters don’t ruin his plans.